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Bringing forgotten and uknown stories to life


Recognizing the lack of information aimed at the Black and minority film & Music community relating to film  & Music projects, history and future trends, Lazara Leonard Gonzalez an innovative artists, saw the need of  organizing  Black filmmakers and Music Artists in the Oklahoma area. 


As Oklahoma is in the center of the United States and dead center to the entertainment hub, she wanted to add to the small pool of film  & Music festivals that serves the local and global black demographic that could help design programs and events to support, educate and train Black youth and adult filmmakers on film-related topics and broader industry issues. 


OBFF & OBMF are more than just a Film and Music Festival. They both are  intented is to create a platform where Black and Minority artists can have a valuable experience while remaining diversified and encouraging the collaboration between filmmakers,  no matter their race. 

The goal here  is to build a pipeline that will not just lead to more film projects coming into the Oklahoma area, but to also assure that every movie has minority representation. Whether it is in front/behind of the camera or on  a stage/mic,  the goal here is to intentionally get to a financial space where we can  offer programs, speakers, workshops, events and support systems to enhance creative careers, businesses and brands.

We are working hard and  looking forward to the development of OBFF's  & OBMF's partnership programs. Where OBFF & OBMF's will provide local artists with funding for their projects and work with our youth to give them more outlets and resources to grow within the film industry, music industry, and/or political campaigns."

But the best part of OBFF  & OBMF is our need to create unity and understanding by using our Film & Music Festival platform to offer its supporters a first hand experience through educational programs and through events  ( "Black Vintage Film Era ", "Oklahoma Black Film Festival", "Oklahoma Black Music Festival") , movies  ("Deliverance",  "I Rise",  "Courts of Heaven", T.V Shows ("Hood Chameleon", "The Untouchable Mr. Stone")  just to name a few ideas that are on the burner. We also take pride in hosting a NetSpeed  event that offers local minority businesses a space to meet and network. 


Lazara Leonard Gonzalez

OBFF Executive Director

Lazara Leonard Gonzalez has been in the entertainment industry for over 14 years. She has had the pleasure of working with some amazing individuals and the pleasure of helping many talented individuals find their natural acting talent.

I have worked as an actress, model, acting coach, director, writer and producer. I have always wanted to produce and direct my own projects and finally after 14 years I left Hollywood and all my accomplishments behind. I have moved back to Oklahoma to finally follow my dreams. 


Bianca Valle

Marketing Executive Director

Bianca is a native of Columbia and migrated to to the USA in 1982 with two parents that were determined to give her a better life.  Bianca, in the fall of 1995, came to Oklahoma to attend Langston University. After graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in the Arts, she decided to make her mark in Oklahoma City working for arts based organizations. In 2006 she became interested in Global warming after visiting the Glacier Mountains.  What she saw inspired her to get involved! Bianca now, when not working in the arts, travels the USA and over seas informing and educating people about global warming.


Patricia Prieto

Patricia is a native of California and has been in the Human Relations field for over 26 years.  Patricia attended UCLA, where she got her degree in accounting in the Spring of 1994.  Patricia has served on many movie projects as an accounting/budgeting maintenance staff member. Saving production companies and studios millions! Even though Patricia does not live in Oklahoma, she is a frequent visitor to Oklahoma.