About Us


Lazara Gonzalez - Executive Director

Lazara Gonzalez is the creator of the Soul Music Festival. She has worked in the entertainment industry for over 2 decades.  She is the founder of the non-profit, 501 3c, organization, The Oklahoma Music Commission.

Ms. Gonzalez has the connections that have allowed her to put together an industry quality team that is working diligently in bringing the Soul Music Festival to Oklahoma.

Harold Whaley - Festival Advisor

An award winning 11 year Military veteran who has withstood an illustrious career in the entertainment industry as a recording artist, producer, writer, engineer, and digital marketer. As the Program Director for Urban Network’s online Radio Station, he was Instrumental in helping to launch the careers of artist like Destiny’s Child, Ray J, Mary Mary, Snoop Dogg, and many others artist.


Harold is a International speaker and educator with extensive ties in the music, film, and Sports industry. He is featured in the book entitled “Distinguished Oklahomans” as a respected contributor of adding Value in the State of Oklahoma. Mr. Whaley’s also promoting his company Swade Soul, which is a Consulting company combined with a entertainment portal.

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DeAnna Gaines - Planning & Logistics

I have had the pleasure working as a teacher over 8 years. On the side I have worked in the industry for 8 years as a hip hop manager for three time, Urban Threshold Underground Music Award and Tushay Award nominated hip hop artist Dre GainezZ.


Through this journey, I have acquired the information and connections that have prepared me to join the team for the Soul Music Festival and very excited for other upcoming ventures under the Oklahoma Black Music Commission's leadership. 


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Courtney Gaines

about Flash Cash

This fun wacky project was born after our director at T.A.P Collaborative Inc, Lazara Gonzalez, met the wacky guys @ Xen Xtract's. And started conversation with Sam.  Sam shared with her that after going through a financial crisis in our world, that Xen Xtract was finally getting financially stable but still struggling. They were struggling, not because they make just enough to keep their doors open,  nope! These guys Sam Nate and Chris are the type of guys that are Oklahoman grown and truly believe in giving back to their communities. Unfortunately these men see the whole state of Oklahoma as their community!

Well here we are! 

Flash Cash Thursdays is a wacky scavenger hunt where business donate funds to a pot and huge percentage of that pot is used to directly help our community and community activities. The other almost half percentage is given away in a scavenger hunt where patrons must go visit different businesses to obtain clues. 

Some clues are generally free but some my range from $0 to $100. This is held at the discretion of the participating businesses.