Oklahoma Board for the Actors & Film

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OBAF is an entity of T.A.P Collaborative Inc, a 501 C3 organization

Over the next 25 years, OBAF will work hard to form member associations that will build and garner up an enormous amount of experience so that we may be able to help develop our Youth in the Actor & Film industry. In this part of our website you will find more information about OBAF, itsPrograms, Activities and its festivals.

The festival entitled the Oklahoma Black Film Festival takes place every year in February in Oklahoma City.  In 2019 the first festival occurred. The outcome was very positive and we managed to help 6 filmmakers perfect their art. 32 youth took our script writing bootcamp and 4 of them will have ready projects for our 2022 festival. 

Our hope here is to bring people together to create and learn about filmmaking. Also, we hill help our young actors in learning how to perform, and young filmmakers on the art of creating quality films.  This way they can develop a project they can be proud of and feature on the day of the festival. 

The Oklahoma Black Film Festival, along with the Actors Pavilion, hopes to encourage, train and develop youth within the film industry, throughout the US for festivals like ours so that that can display and share their talent. We eventually plan to collaborate with other countries, making it a true demonstration of unity when young filmmakers from a multitude of different countries come together to create art.



Course instructors vary based on professional teachers availability. 

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and we are working to secure funding to restart our courses.