In an effort to reduce and limit the spread of COVID-19 in Oklahoma, and preserve safety for all members of our program all activities have been canceled and we are working hard to set up safe online classrooms for our youth. 


Media Course - This course is an introduction into the art of filmmaking.  In this class we go over:

-What it means to be a filmmaker.                                                                            -The Camera and its Functions

-What it takes to create quality films.                                                                       -The Shots & Lists 

-The Process of creating a quality project.                                                               -Art of Directing

Writing Course (perfect for Music writers)

-Art of writing (scripts/novel/books/music)                                                          -Script Terminology

-Anatomy of a Script                                                                                                    -The Writing Formula

-Story Plot Arc                                                                                                               -Story Beats

Art Course

-Pencil Drawing                                                                                                             -3d Paper Origami 

-3d Pencil Drawing                                                                                                       -Life Drawing

To ensure that students continue to have opportunities to learn and make progress in the film and music industry, please go ahead and submit to the contact form OBAM or OBAF will email you the appropriate paperwork and put you on our waiting list. Once we have chosen a proper online school site we will contact you with the start date and the links to your new online classroom. 


OBAF & OBAM are presently researching classroom’s Google Sites. Additionally, we are working with our school partners to ensure students and families with limited access to the internet or technology receive paper-based work and alternate ways to access the lessons and activities. 


We offer a scholarship program for those in need based on their income levels. For more information please register below and someone will be in contact with you.