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Time & Location

Jul 04, 2020, 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Myriad Botanical Gardens, 301 W Reno Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73102, USA

About the Event

Welcome to the Oklahoma Black Music Festival by registering and buying a vendor spot you are enter into the following Contract with the Oklahoma Black Music Festival.

 Vendor and Oklahoma Black Music Festival agree as follows:   

1.  Oklahoma Black Music Festival agrees to provide vendor with space and sales support (food trucks and providing change):   

2. All vendors must be checked in and in their space, no later than, 8:30 am  CST.  Vendors that arrive to the Festival  later than 8:30 am CST, will not be  allowed to set up.   

3. This is a one day event, vendors can not shut down  before 8:00 pm CST.  However, vendors are allowed to stay until the end of the festival, which is 10:30 pm CST.  i. Retail Space (as defined below) at Oklahoma Black Music Festival to be held at Myriad Gardens in Oklahoma City on the following dates.  Set up is on Saturday July 4, 2020.  ii. Only food trucks will receive an entry pass.  Any extra vehicles must be parked in   designated area and must pay parking fees.  iii. a copy of this your registered ticket is confirmation of the agreement.   

4.  Vendor agrees to: 

 i. pay 10 to 15% of total sales to Myriad Gardens, seperate of vending fee

 ii. Occupy the assigned Retail Space at the Festival during the Festival’s normal hours of   operation as listed in paragraph 1  iii. Comply with all applicable federal, state, city and Festival laws, rules and regulations, all of which are incorporated herein. Sending notifications to the health department at least  14 days prior to the event. 

 iv. Fully and completely indemnify Oklahoma Black Musical Festival or the City of Oklahoma and Myriad Gardens for any act which results in personal injury or property damage;  

v. Assume full responsibility for theft, loss, or damage, and Vendor waives any and all right of recovery from Oklahoma Black Musical Festival for property damage, or loss of  use thereof, howsoever occurring;  


1. Only items listed by Vendor may be sold inside and around the Festival grounds. No outside vending allowed.  

2. Vendor has the sole responsibility to collect and pay sales tax (if applicable) for the sales made by vendor.  

3.  Vendor must provide:  

a. Complete Booth including, but not limited to: All signage, which must be approved by Promoter. 

b. all equipment, lighting, furniture, fixtures, overhead covering, adequate product and product quantities, etc. necessary to insure a successful vendor operation.  

c. Securing of pop ups and/or canopies immediately upon set up is crucial in the event that we have  high winds, as it is very possible and has happened in the past. Canopies must be held down by concrete supports.  

4. Vendor shall make extra effort  to oversee all areas immediately surrounding his/her booth to avoid accumulation of trash   and residue or any other unsafe conditions. Vendor is responsible for any damage to the  grounds resulting from Vendor's operations during the 2020 Oklahoma Black Music Festival.  

5. All applicable permits and or licenses will be obtained by Vendor or reach out to OBMF if you need help. There is an additional fee of course. Oklahoma Black Music  Festival requires notification of vending 30 days out of the event. (by June 4th, 2020).   Failure to submit permits on time, may result in inability to participate and fees  non refundable.  All food vendors must include both the city and  county health  department # (BUS-and55-).  

6. All special requests must be made, must be in writing,  signed and dated and writing to  this Contract.  

7. Vendor is responsible for the security of all equipment, product, and personal affects  during the Oklahoma Black Musical Festival  

8. Vendors must set up their services on Saturday, July 4, 2020 starting at 7 am.  Other than  food trucks, vehicles will not be allowed in venue area.    

9. Breakdown: Vendors may break down their booths after 7:00 pm CST.  

10. Oklahoma Black Music Festival reserves the right to restrict any and all vehicular traffic on the grounds, for any reason, including, but not limited to, inclement weather.  

11. Questions regarding any aspects of the Festival should be directed to the Oklahoma  Black Music Festival office or email a staff member.  

12. Questions regarding any aspects of vending accommodations on site should be directed  to the site manager, Betty Tubbs – Betty  

13. No refunds will be given.  Please be aware that:    

A. to cut down on fees there will only be 1 point of sale. On the day of the event OBMF will be using OBMF Currency that will be sold to the public. This is the only currency that Vendors should accept. At the end of the day Vendors can will come to the VIP area to cash out.   

B. Vendors should amend their prices to be on the whole dollar. No Change. Example, .99 should be $1    

C.  Vendors who are caught accepting anything else but festival currency will be asked to leave and will forfeit their entry fee   

14.  Vehicles pulling food trucks may not stay with food trucks, those vehicles must be parked in designated   area. Vehicles may be used to pull in the food truck. But Food truck must be unhitched and  park in designated area. If you must keep your truck attaced you will be charged for 2 spaces. Your vehicle can not be left running. No music allowed. 

Vendors are responsible for their own dumping.  There will be no  dumping on parks grounds or city streets.  Direct connection to water must be approved before using.

 Please bring all necessary supplies to make your vending possible. The  festivities will end at 10:30pm. Vending spaces do not have electrical outlets, however, we can have power available for an additional fee.   

Power is NOT supplied on site, unless arrangements have been made with  Oklahoma Black Music Festival, as there will may be an extra fee for power hook  ups.   

Thanks for your continued support of Oklahoma Black Music Festival!   

We ask that you help advertise the event, spread the word and  help sell this thing out!    

Happy Festing!   

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